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Work Smarter with the SAFER Dashboard

Efficiently power data-driven decisions that improve care and safety.

Better Quality Outcomes 

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (JAMDA), found that nursing homes with Joint Commission nursing care center accreditation had a consistent pattern of superior performance.

Recognitions for Quality and Reimbursement

As the role of valued-based contracting increases, states, insurers and payers trust in Joint Commission accreditation as a quality metric to allow payment approval, network participation and contract or licensure eligibility.

Structure for Operational Excellence

Joint Commission accreditation offers the industry’s most comprehensive foundation for the delivery of consistent, quality care while also supporting your operational needs such as enhancing teamwork, improving safety culture and strengthening referral relationships.

Exclusive Business Intelligence Dashboards

Effectively and more efficiently power data-driven decisions that improve care and safety with our exclusive suite of complimentary business intelligence tools, including our most recent addition, the SAFER® Dashboard.  As part of our DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Health Care) initiative, each dashboard in this growing collection conveniently assembles the key data leaders need in one place, making it easier to spot trends in performance and prioritize your improvement efforts for maximum impact.

Timely Support

We walk the journey with you. The Joint Commission offers unmatched support throughout the accreditation process to ensure you stay on track. Benefit from dedicated personnel, customized tools and a wide variety of educational resources.

Competitive Advantage

Achieving accreditation is a visible demonstration to patients and the community that your organization provides the highest quality services. It also sets you apart from other nursing care facilities that offer similar services or procedures.

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