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Refrigerator Temperature - Refrigerators Provided in Patient Rooms

When organizations provide refrigerators in patient rooms for personal use, is temperature monitoring and log maintenance required for these refrigerators?

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The Joint Commission is not prescriptive to monitor or log temperature for refrigerators provided for personal patient use.  However, a process is required to be in place to ensure that the refrigerator functions properly to safely store its contents. 

The Joint Commissions standards require that organizations store food and nutrition products, including those brought in by patients or their families, using proper sanitation, temperature, light, moisture, ventilation, and security as per PC.02.02.03.  

When nutritional products, such as breast milk or baby formula are stored in these refrigerators, refer to evidence-based guidelines from the formula manufacturer's instructions for use (IFU), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), etc. to ensure safe storage. 
Organizations should also have processes that address cleaning between patients and identifies maintenance responsibilities. 

Consult with state and local authorities having jurisdiction to address regulations and requirements specific to your geographic location.

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