Contract Services – Performance Monitoring of System/Corporate Contracted Services

What are the expectations for monitoring performance of contracted services at the ‘local’ level when a system or corporate contract exists ?

Any examples are for illustrative purposes only. 

When services are provided via a contractual agreement, The Joint Commission requires organizations to:
  • Establish performance expectations
  • Communicate the performance expectations, in writing, to the service provider 
  • Monitor performance based on the expectations, and
  • Take steps to improve contracted services that do not meet expectations
When  a system-wide or corporate contract(s) exists, the following expectations apply at the ‘local’ level:
  • Evidence the contract applies to the 'local' organization 
  • Leadership awareness of the requirements listed in the Leadership chapter at LD.04.03.09 EP 4 – 6 and has knowledge of the established performance expectations
  • Reviews data to support the above elements of performance
  • Takes action to improve contracted services that do not meet performance expectations
Last updated on March 16, 2021
Manual: Assisted Living Community
Chapter: Leadership LD

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