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Friday 7:36 CST, April 20, 2018

Issue Detail


Issue Details

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June 1, 2016

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NQF, CDC release antibiotic stewardship guide to help organizations

In late May, experts from the public and private sectors released a tool to help U.S. acute-care hospitals implement strategies to promote appropriate, safe use of antibiotics.


Joint Commission seeks field input on new sleep studies requirement, lab standards changes

The Joint Commission is seeking input from the field on: a newly proposed requirement that addresses minimum qualifications for individuals interpreting sleep studies; and revised laboratory standards changes.


Patient safety


JQPS highlights 2015 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award recipients

The recipients of the 2015 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards are highlighted in the June issue of The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety (JQPS).