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Resources for Kentucky Hospital Association Members

The Joint Commission has a variety of products and services to help support Kentucky Hospital Association members with your performance improvement and quality and safety efforts. To learn more about each of the offerings, please click on the links below.

Joint Commission Hospital Certifications

Achieving certification provides you with a framework to standardize your program to help reduce variation and risk and improve care.

Cardiac Certifications:

  • Acute Heart Attack Ready
  • Primary Heart Attack Center
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Center
  • Heart Failure
  • Ventricular Assist Device



Stroke Certifications:

  • Advanced Primary Stroke Center
  • Acute Stroke Ready Hospital
  • Thrombectomy-capable Stroke Centers
  • Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center
  • Stroke Rehabilitation



Orthopedic Certifications*:

  • Total Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Spine Surgery

*Also available to non-Joint Commission accredited hospitals



Palliative Care Certification



Joint Commission Maternal Levels of Care Verification


The Joint Commission and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have formed a new collaboration to help reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in the United States. Maternal Levels of Care Verification will be available January 1, 2022.

Joint Commission Resources

The mission of Joint Commission Resources® (JCR) is to transform health care into a high-reliability industry by developing highly effective, durable solutions to health care’s most critical safety and quality problems.

Targeted Solution Tool® (TST®)
Solve persistent quality challenges with our Targeted Solutions Tool. TSTs can help your organization assess their specific performance barriers and then guide you to evidence-based solutions that can lead to dramatic improvements in performance. TSTs are complimentary for Joint Commission-accredited hospitals.

Additional Resources

R3 Reports
These reports provide a summary of the rationale and references for new Joint Commission requirements.

Quick Safety! Newsletters
Monthly publication that outlines an incident, topic or trend in health care that could compromise patient safety.

Sentinel Event Alerts
Sentinel Event Alerts identify specific types of adverse events and high-risk conditions, describes their common underlying causes, and recommends steps to reduce risk and prevent future occurrences.

Patient Safety Portals
Resources developed by The Joint Commission, Joint Commission Resources (JCR) and the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare, in addition to external resources, are provided to assist health care organizations in improving the safety and quality of care provided.

SAFER® Dashboard
A data analytics tool to view current and historical aggregate survey findings allowing accredited organizations to track performance at the corporate or site level, share data with stakeholders and compare to other organizations nationwide.