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New Protocols for On-site Reviews

Prior to scheduling, The Joint Commission is first taking into account the number of COVID-19 cases by county. For areas deemed appropriate for an on-site review, reviewers are required to wear a face covering throughout the review and practice appropriate physical distancing.

Reviewers will not be permitted to travel if they display symptoms or report close contact with anyone with COVID-19. On-site, reviewers will not enter areas with  COVID-19 positive patients and will observe from a distance or remotely.

Virtual Review Process

If an on-site review is not possible, we will consider a virtual review. This process conducted via Zoom includes interviews with staff and patients and observations of key care processes. A follow-up on-site event will be conducted once the public health emergency has ended.

Infection Control Focus

Through dedicated infection control standards and expert reviewers well-versed in the CDC recommendations, we will model the correct implementation of infection prevention and control strategies to educate and support the hospitals we review.

Timely Resources

Here we have gathered some key resources to help hospitals address patient safety and quality challenges accelerated due to COVID-19 such as infection prevention and control, and emergency management.

Additional Resources and Tools from JCR

Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) offers a vast portfolio of virtually-delivered tools and resources to help you get and stay review ready, address specific quality challenges or respond and recover during these unsettling times. Explore JCR’s latest educational programs or our innovative e-products including Tracers with AMP® that can help quality-focused leaders more effectively identify risk, implement and monitor improvements by streamlining data collection and reporting.

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