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How Does This Impact You?

Organizations that are accredited by The Joint Commission for any of our accreditation programs and currently utilize COLA as a laboratory accreditor, for one or more CLIA certificates within their organization, a transition of your laboratory accreditor will be required.

We understand that changing your laboratory accreditor is an impactful change to organizations and therefore are extending a two-year transition period to afford affected organizations ample time to make this change.

Key points to note:

  • Organizations currently utilizing COLA for one or more CLIA certificates will have until 12/31/24 to transition their laboratory accreditation to The Joint Commission or an approved cooperative partner.
  • Organizations will need to be fully accredited through an accepted laboratory accreditor by 12/31/24 to maintain compliance with The Joint Commission policy.
  • During the two-year transition period, organizations are required to maintain their accreditation status and will need to be accredited by an approved accreditor by 12/31/2024 to ensure that there is no lapse in accreditation.

We are here to support you in every way

Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to the compliance of rigorous standards and helps strengthen your organization’s delivery of care. We will work closely throughout the transition process and are here to support you and your organization in every way we can.

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