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That’s the return on investment for home care providers who are accredited by The Joint Commission. It doesn't just pay for itself. It pays for over four and a half of itself.

We call that an unbeatable business case for quality.


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A recent study of Joint Commission-accredited home care providers confirms our accreditation delivers an average lifetime ROI of 453%. That means for every dollar invested in accreditation, organizations saw that dollar returned plus $4.53 more.

When you choose The Joint Commission as your accreditor, not only are you choosing to meet the highest standards in the industry to validate and improve your quality of care, but you’re also choosing a return on investment in ways that may surprise you.

From improved staff competency to reduced turnover, from stronger patient satisfaction scores to increased revenue and reimbursement, Joint Commission accreditation has far-reaching impacts that can help you to meet your goals.

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