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New Study Confirms Stronger Performance

Year-over-year, Joint Commission-accredited customers deliver stronger outcomes. In a 2022 replication study, our home care customers continued to demonstrate superior performance when compared to their peers who are not accredited by The Joint Commission. This result remained consistent across a broad range of process and outcome measures in each of the three years of the study.

  • Stronger Overall Performance: Joint Commission-accredited home care organizations were more likely to have a high overall quality rating (4-Star and above), and a had a higher average rating on the CMS 5-Star rating scale.
  • Higher Quality: Joint Commission-accredited home care organizations performed better on 11 of 14 OASIS HHC measures.
  • Better Outcomes: Joint Commission-accredited home care organizations lower rehospitalization rates across all three years, and were less likely to have unplanned care in the emergency room without being admitted.

This study, published in 2022, is a replication study that validates the results of a previous study from 2017, and supports the suggestion a relationship between Joint Commission accreditation and home health care quality. Using a combination of STAR ratings and 17 different quality measures, researchers compared the performance of Joint Commission-accredited and non-Joint Commission accredited home health agencies utilizing the publicly available CMS Home Health Compare data set.

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