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Friday 12:19 CST, March 23, 2018

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Using Speak Up™ in your organization

September 14, 2015

Speak Up™ messages, brochures, infographics and videos are currently being used in a variety of ways in Joint Commission accredited organizations, community and civic organizations, and other health care-related companies. Here are just some of the ways Speak Up materials are being used.

Speak Up message is used in

  • newsletters, magazines and peer-reviewed publications

  • patient admission packets, handbooks and other patient education materials

  • billboards

  • advertisements and local public service announcements

  • closed circuit patient education television

  • staff education and orientation

  • bedside tent cards

  • organization websites, extranets and intranets

  • online education and safety programs

Speak Up brochure is provided via

  • patient admission packets, handbooks and other patient education materials

  • waiting rooms, doctors’ offices and patient rooms

  • organization websites

  • health fairs

Speak Up infographics are placed in

  • waiting rooms

  • doctors’ offices

  • patient rooms

  • staff locker rooms

  • lunch rooms

  • scrub rooms

  • operating rooms

  • meeting rooms

  • health care and safety fairs

Speak Up videos can be used shown

  • via closed-circuit TV or

  • organization website or intranet for

  • patient education activities

  • patients in their rooms

  • patients and families in waiting areas and cafeterias

  • health or safety fairs

If you would like to tell us how you are using Speak Up, send an e-mail to Caron Wong.