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Saturday 4:18 CST, December 10, 2016

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Health Care Staffing Services

How Ready Is My Staffing Firm for Joint Commission Certification? (A readiness checklist)

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Take this quick quiz and find out! If you answered “yes” to at least 17 questions, your organization has the sound business principles in place that form the backbone of our certification review.

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Health Care Staffing Services

Health Care Staffing Certification Handbook

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2013 Health Care Staffing Certification Handbook - A preparation guide to answer your questions about this unique evaluation program.

Related Topics: Q&A, Preparation, Certification Basics, Certification Process


Health Care Staffing Services

Certification Review Process: Documentation Requirements

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Documentation Requirements: This table is provided as a reference that can be used by both the health care staffing services (HCSS) firm and the reviewer. In some instances, documentation. . .

Related Topics: Certification Process, Certification Basics, Preparation, Resource


Health Care Staffing Services

Great Achievements Come One Step at a Time - Your 10-Step Guide to Achieving Health Care Staffing Certification

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Great achievements come one step at a time. Your step-by-step guide to achieving Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Services certification

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Disease-Specific Care, Health Care Staffing Services

Demo on How to Access Application on TJC Connect Extranet

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Directions on how to begin the application for survey process via the use of extranet screen prints.

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