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Friday 9:07 CST, April 20, 2018


Quality Check
Kelly Dylag, R.N., M.S.N. - President and CEO
Far West Center
Westlake, OH

Joint Commission accreditation has been the single most comprehensive, challenging and effective tool for organizational change. Accreditation stimulated our community mental health center to move beyond a prescriptive “follow the rules” culture to using data-driven measures for quality, satisfaction and positive outcomes.

Joint Commission accreditation helps us focus on what matters to the client. 

Through Joint Commission accreditation, we’ve learned that performance improvement is not accomplished by committee; it’s everybody’s business – from executive leadership and governance, to clinical and operations staff.

The Joint Commission is our go-to resource for quality and safety. Using the standards, we established an early-identification and monitoring process for persons at increased risk for self-harm. We reduced the number of these incidents by more than 40 percent in one year, and hospital admissions from these incidents dropped by 30 percent!

We use Joint Commission accreditation to elevate our thinking, planning and evaluation activities. When a process improvement need is identified, we view it not as a negative criticism, but as an opportunity to strengthen our services. Joint Commission accreditation continues to be part of our journey as a learning organization.