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Friday 9:10 CST, April 20, 2018


Quality Check
Dustin Tibbitts
Dustin Tibbitts, L.M.F.T. - Executive Director
InnerChange New Haven
Provo, UT

The most important benefit of Joint Commission accreditation is that we haven’t had to “reinvent the wheel.”  We stand on the shoulders of many other health care professionals who have contributed their wisdom to the standards and survey process.

Following Joint Commission standards has helped us anticipate and pre-empt major safety, organizational and systemic problems which otherwise would have plagued our organization.

The Joint Commission standards and survey process helped us refine the clinical offerings provided to clients. We regularly use the System Tracer Methodology to dig deeper into our performance. We root out practices incompatible with our mission and replace them with our best work. 

I am always impressed by the experience, patience and thoroughness of our surveyors. With The Joint Commission as a partner in treatment, I feel like we have a wise mentor prodding us to do better, to think more clearly, and to be more efficient. 

Joint Commission accreditation proves to clients that our organization meets the high standards they are looking for in a residential treatment center.

Joint Commission behavioral health care accreditation has opened doors to insurance reimbursement, State Board of Education reimbursement, Medicaid reimbursement, and it has given us respect within the teen treatment industry. The benefits have been far-reaching and immeasurable.