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Friday 7:25 CST, April 20, 2018


Quality Check
Cynthia Kinnas
Cynthia Kinnas - President
Randstad Healthcare
Austin, TX

Even before The Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services Certification program was available, our organization was committed to high quality standards and used Joint Commission standards to improve our services.

Going through the certification process helped us establish clearer guidelines and procedures and more specific ways to measure our progress in achieving our own quality standards.

Joint Commission certification offers clear and tangible methods to track and measure our performance improvement process that we have found extremely valuable. Staff quality and document compliance are highly rated by our clients and we feel that abiding by The Joint Commission standards helps us to maintain that level.

Randstad Healthcare received a sizable discount from its insurance carrier due to its Joint Commission certification. We also have a number of clients, comprising a sizable portion of our revenue, that only work with firms certified by The Joint Commission.

The certification process has served as a great roadmap for our entire team to contribute to better service to our clients and to patient care.