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Monday 7:53 CST, May 21, 2018


Quality Check
Diana Wright
Diana Wright, R.N. - CEO and President
The Right Solutions
Tontitown, AR

I chose certification for my health care staffing firm because I wanted to raise the level of professionalism in the industry.  Joint Commission certification provides validation that my organization is credible.  

Certification is proof that my organization is doing what it should be doing. Hospitals instantly recognize Joint Commission certification, which has helped us secure contracts and improve our market share.

Our dedication to providing quality care didn’t change when we became certified. To us certification is a way of life. We live it every day.  The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal is tangible proof of that dedication.

The key benefit of Joint Commission health care staffing certification is the focus on improving internal processes. We now run the entire company on performance indicators and conduct an audit on all of them. It just makes good business sense.