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Friday 3:37 CST, January 19, 2018


Quality Check
Gregory Santulli
Gregory P. Santulli - President
Advanced Diabetic Solutions
Lawrenceville, GA

Joint Commission accreditation is challenging, but well worth the effort. Our business has tripled since we became accredited and I attribute our success to the quality improvement methods The Joint Commission instilled in our team.

The Joint Commission accreditation process changed the way we operate in every facet of the business. For example, since becoming accredited we transformed our office into a completely paperless environment. This has reduced waste, improved our ability to move orders through the system and, ultimately, enabled us to serve our patients faster.

Joint Commission accreditation validated the high standards we have set for our business, but more importantly, allowed us to reflect on our practices and look for improvement. We quickly learned that meeting the standards is something you do every day, day in and day out. This consistency elevates the quality of care delivered to our patients.