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Friday 1:58 CST, April 20, 2018

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Surveyor Insights

A Quality Improvement Tool

July 25, 2016

Surveyor Insights is an addition to our Physical Environment Portal as a benefit for Joint Commission accredited organizations.

As part of a team effort to bring clear and concise information pertaining to the top eight (8) compliance standard issues; we have asked our Life Safety Code Survey Team members to provide insights into each problematic issue with a focus toward survey preparedness and readiness. 

As you review each module on the portal, our team of surveyors provide additional written guidance and support to assure your success.  Our Life Safety Code Surveyors provide leadership, day-to-day operational thoughts, and risk areas for you to consider.

We hope that the Surveyor Insights inspire you and enhance your compliance with the standards and elements of performance and ultimately create a superior patient safe organization.

Surveyor Insights are available to Joint Commission accredited organizations on the secure Joint Commission Connect Extranet.


List of Surveyor Insights currently available: 

  • EC.02.05.01 - Utility Systems (available September 2015)

  • LS.02.01.20 - Means of Egress (available November 2015)

  • EC.02.06.01 - The Built Environment (January 2016)

  • EC.02.03.05 - Fire Protection (March 2016)

  • LS.02.01.10 - General Requirements (July 2016)