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Wednesday 3:14 CST, February 21, 2018

Standards FAQ Details


Test Results - Chronic Critical Values Definition
Modify | April 11, 2016
When a patient has a chronic condition, such as end stage renal failure, and the lab values are "critical" by our hospital's definition but are expected - or "normal" - for that particular patient, the lab and nursing staff find themselves calling the same physician several times a day to report these values when it really isn't necessary. Can we develop a policy for patients with certain chronic conditions that will allow the physician to define the "critical" levels of the lab values that should be reported for a specific patient?

Each health care organization may define for itself what the "critical values" are. Provisions may be made for certain patient-specific situations in which values that would be "critical" for most patients are not critical for a particular patient or for patients with a particular diagnosis. The parameters must be objectively defined and are known to all staff who are involved in the process of reporting values.

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