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Friday 11:04 CST, January 19, 2018

Standards FAQ Details


Nutritional and Functional Screening - Requirement
Modify | April 11, 2016
When is it required to perform a nutritional, functional, and pain assessment or screen?  Is this required in the Emergency Room, Outpatient Settings and Hospital Owned or Sponsored Physician Office Practices on ALL patients and at ALL encounters?

The standards for nutritional and functional screening clearly state that these are performed when warranted by the patient's needs or condition. Your organization would define in writing the criteria that identify when these screenings and more in-depth assessment are performed. When applicable for the patient's condition, these screenings must be completed within 24 hours after inpatient admission.

It is not required that nutritional or functional screening are completed for all patients at all encounters if it has not been defined by the organization's policy, a licensed independent practitioner with appropriate clinical privileges has determined that it is not necessary in emergency situations, or it is not warranted by the patient's needs or condition.

A comprehensive pain assessment would be conducted consistent with the scope of care, treatment and services and the patient's condition. Nutritional, functional or pain screening may be performed at the first visit for primary care, an ambulatory clinic or office practice. Thereafter, the screens and assessment would be needed only as appropriate to the reason the patient is presenting for care or services.

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