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Friday 11:04 CST, January 19, 2018

Standards FAQ Details


Confidentiality Agreement - Media
Modify | April 11, 2016
Standard RI.01.03.01, EP 3 states "Before engaging in the production of recordings, films, or other images of patients, anyone who is not already bound by the hospital's confidentiality policy signs a confidentiality statement to protect the patient's identity and confidential information. "  Does this mean that we need to have media sign a confidentiality agreement even if the patient has consented to be filmed/recorded?

No.  RI.01.03.01 EP 3 is only applicable in those circumstances in which filming/recording intended for external use is being done without patient consent. In that situation, the party filming the images should sign a confidentiality agreement indicating that they will not show the film/photos until consent is obtained from the patient. If consent is not obtained, the identity of the patient will be masked or the film will be destroyed. If the patient has specifically consented to being filmed/recorded prior to the commencement of filming, the media or party doing the filming does not need to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.

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