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Sunday 10:57 CST, May 20, 2018

Standards FAQ Details


Language Access Services - Bilingual Provider (physician, nurse, etc.) Serving as an Interpreter for a Fellow Provider
Modify | May 12, 2017
If the bilingual provider (physician, nurse, etc.) serves as an interpreter for a fellow provider (i.e., the patient and provider speak different languages and a bilingual provider is facilitating communication between them), does the requirement found at HR.01.02.01 EP 1 apply?

Yes, since the bilingual provider is serving as an interpreter to bridge the communication between a fellow provider and a patient, then the requirement at HR.01.01.01, EP 1 applies, and the organization is required to have defined qualifications for individuals that provide interpreting services.

Additional Resources:
The Joint Commission’s Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care: A Roadmap for Hospitals (see page 38).

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