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Proposed requirement for an EM surge management plan Hospital (HAP) & Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Programs Field Review

In late 2019, The Joint Commission began discussing opportunities for improving its “Emergency Management” chapter. This led to 22 new and 38 revised emergency management elements of performance (EPs) for the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and Hospital (HAP) accreditation programs. These new and revised emergency management standards are effective July 1, 2022.  

The Joint Commission first proposed a standard relating to the development of a “crisis standards of care plan” (CSC) during the field review in 2021. Although there was favorable feedback from many health care organizations that already had CSC plans, some organization described challenges with developing a CSC plan. Based on this feedback, The Joint Commission decided not to move forward with CSC requirements at that time.  However, since the approval of these standards, leading experts in the field of CSC and surge planning participated in an advisory panel to further discuss and evaluate the impacts of crisis standards of care. The proposed standard and EPs includes recommendations provided by the advisory panel, as well as those obtained from other sources of literature.

Angela Murray
Project Director, Healthcare Standards Development
Department of Standards and Survey Development