Pain Management - Leadership Responsibilities for Providing Information on Available Resources - LD.04.03.13 EP 4

The revised pain management standards require the organization to provide information to staff and licensed independent practitioners (LIP) on available services for consultation and referral of patients with complex pain management needs. Does this mean internal or external services - or both?

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It could be either. Available sources for consultation and referral may be include 'internal' resources (such as an organization's outpatient pain management program or addiction treatment program) or external community resources. The intent of this requirement is to ensure that staff and LIPs are knowledgeable about available services and resources to which patients can be referred to for continuing care at the time of discharge. Compliance with this requirement is determined through interviews with staff, LIPs patients, etc. 

R3 Report: Pain assessment and management standards for hospitals
R3 Report: Pain assessment and management standards for Critical Access Hospitals
Sentinel Event Alert Issue 49: Safe use of opioids in hospitals
Last updated on May 04, 2020
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Leadership LD

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