Discharge Documentation - Sharing Information with Patients and Practitioners

What type of communication is acceptable for meeting the requirements at DSCT.4? Can the nurse give the discharge papers to the patient and tell them to take this to the health care provider when they go for their visit?

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DSCT 4 EP 1 is about sharing information directly with the patient. Giving the discharge papers with relevant information meets this EP.
However, DSCT 4 EP 2 is about sharing information with relevant practitioners. Giving the discharge papers to the patients and expecting them to share the information with the next practitioners does not meet the EP. The program/physician must share the information directly with the patient’s relevant practitioners. This can be accomplished by mailing, emailing, faxing or phone call (if documented) the discharge summary and any other pertinent information.
Last updated on March 04, 2021
Manual: Advanced DSC - Comprehensive Stroke
Chapter: Performance Measurement DSPM

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