Revised Medical Staff (MS) Chapter Requirements for Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals

The Joint Commission has made changes to three MS chapter requirements. Two elements of performance (EPs) have been revised and one has been deleted. MS.13.01.01, EP 1 was revised to allow hospitals to credential and privilege licensed independent practitioners providing telemedicine through either the hospital’s own credentialing information or the credentialing and privileging decision of a distant site that is either Joint Commission–accredited or is a Medicare-participating organization. MS.06.01.05, EP 11 was revised to allow the time period for acting on completed applications to be addressed in medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations, or policies and procedures. MS.01.01.01, EP 3 was deleted because it is informational only and noncompliance with the EP would be scored at an appropriate EP that follows in this standard (EPs 12–38).

Prepublication Standards:


Prepublication Standards - Effective July 1, 2021