Human Resource Standards - Applicability to Contracted and Volunteer Personnel

Do the standards in the human resource chapter apply to contracted and volunteer staff?

Yes. The standards in the human resource chapter apply to contract and volunteer staff providing patient care, treatment or services in the organization.

Contracted Staff: Organizations must manage contracted staff just as they must manage staff who are employees. The contract should specify that the contracted organization will provide only staff who are qualified in relation to their education, training, licensure, and competence as defined by the organization.

Volunteers: When volunteers perform patient care or services the organizations must manage volunteer staff just as they must manage staff who are employees.

Verification of Contract/Volunteer Information (when applicable):
  • Education and training that is consistent with state law and regulation and organization policy.
  • Evidence of license, certification, or registration.
  • Evidence that individual's knowledge and experience and competence are appropriate for his or her assigned responsibilities.
Last updated on December 05, 2019
Manual: Laboratory
Chapter: Human Resources HR

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