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Medication Labeling – IV Solutions Retrieved From Stock Supply

What are the labeling requirements for stock intravenous(IV) solutions pre-labeled by the product manufacturer?

Any examples are for illustrative purposes only.

Plain IV solutions retrieved from a stock supply (e.g. an automated dispensing device, floor stock supply, etc) are not considered 'individualized medication'. The only requirements for labeling include the name, strength, amount, and expiration date that are already on the manufacturer's label, so relabeling is not necessary.  'Individualized' means only drugs prepared for a specific patient - not floor stock.

When additives are included, the IV solution container must be labeled with the name, strength, amount of all additives, diluents, date prepared, and a revised expiration date. Additionally, when preparing individualized medications for multiple patients, the label also includes the following:
  • The patient's name
  • The location where the medication is to be delivered (e.g. patient room)
  • Directions for use and applicable accessory and cautionary instructions (e.g. keep refrigerated, etc.).
The requirements for medication labeling are located in the Medication Management (MM) chapter of the accreditation manual at MM.05.01.09.

If applicable, the requirements for labeling medication containers used during procedures are located in the National Patient Safety Goal chapter of the accreditation manual at NPSG.03.04.01.

Manual: Hospital and Hospital Clinics
Chapter: Medication Management MM
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