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Safety/Security - Risk Assessment Frequency

How often are safety and security risk assessments required to be performed after the initial evaluation is completed?

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Environment of care standards do not require safety and security risk assessments to be done at any particular frequency, but reassessment is to be done when significant changes to the environment of care occur. It is a good practice to schedule assessments for high risk issues on a regular frequency in order to incorporate new tools or knowledge that may have become available.  

EC.02.01.01 EP 1 requires organizations to implement a process to identify safety and security risks.  Additionally, the risks should come from internal sources such as ongoing monitoring of the environment, results from root cause analyses and results of proactive risk assessments (see the EP for more information).  Furthermore, EP 3 states the organization takes action to minimize or eliminate identified safety and security risks in the physical environment; meaning it's not enough to just identify, there needs to be follow up action. 

An annual evaluation of safety and security management plans is a requirement, so annual risk assessments are helpful tools to identify goals and objectives, and to recognize changes that have occurred in the environment.  Compliance with all elements of performance within the EC.02.01.01 standard for safety and security issues lend themselves to the assessment process because effective management depends upon analysis of the organization's particular circumstances. If an organizational policy establishes frequencies of assessment, then the established schedule is to be followed. 

Reference EC.02.01.01 EP 1, EP 3
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Environment of Care EC
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