Pain Management - Patient and Family Education - PC.01.02.07 EP 8

Who is responsible for educating the patient and family on discharge plans related to pain management?

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It is the responsibility of each organization to determine who is qualified and responsible to educate the patient and family at discharge regarding the pain management plan, side effects of treatment, impact on activities of daily living, safe use, storage, and disposal of opioids when prescribed. PC.01.02.07 EP 8 requires written documentation that the patient and family were educated on these requirements. Each organization determines where this information will be documented in the medical record.

R3 Report: Pain assessment and management standards for hospitals
R3 Report: Pain assessment and management standards for Critical Access Hospitals
Sentinel Event Alert Issue 49: Safe use of opioids in hospitals
Last updated on June 29, 2020
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Provision of Care Treatment and Services PC

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