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Transfusion Administration - Qualified Transfusionist /Second Individual

When administering blood or blood products, are there any specifications on who must be identified as the qualified transfusionist and the second individual ?

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The "qualified individual/ transfusionist" is determined by the organization considering any professional guidelines, state laws and regulations that define qualifications necessary to transfuse blood and blood products. The organization must also ensure the qualified individual/ transfusionist is competent in transfusing blood and blood products and the identification verification process defined by the organization.  

The second individual involved in a two-person verification process is determined by the organization. This individual must be competent in conducting the identification verification process for blood and blood products defined and implemented by the organization.   
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Provision of Care Treatment and Services PC
First published date: April 11, 2016 This Standards FAQ was first published on this date.
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