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Inspection Reports - Fire Safety Format

What is the required format for fire safety system inspection reports?

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The Joint Commission is not prescriptive to a specific format for fire safety system inspection records and reports. Standard EC.02.03.05/EP 28 specifies the required information that must be included on the report documenting the maintenance, testing, and inspection activities for fire alarm and fire protection systems.  

The required information for each service record must include the following:
  • Name of the activity
  • Date of the activity
  • Inventory of devices, equipment, or other items
  • Required frequency of the activity
  • Name and contact information, including affiliation, of the person who performed the activity
  • NFPA standard(s) referenced for the activity (including the edition and section)
  • Results of the activity
A common issue during the survey process is that the organization is not adequately familiar with the content of the report and the configuration of their fire safety systems. An effective way to accomplish this is for the testing entity to closely review the report with the organization's representative. 

Additional Resources
NFPA 25-2011: 4.3; 4.4; 
NFPA 72-2010: 14.2.1; 14.2.2; 14.2.3; 14.2.4.
Manual: Ambulatory
Chapter: Environment of Care EC
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