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Paul Bretz

Paul Bretz, D.Min., LCSW, MHSA

Executive Director, Centus Counseling, Consulting & Education in Denver, CO
Behavioral Health Care Surveyor, The Joint Commission

Paul Bretz shares his experiences on the usefulness of tele-health and tele-medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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A lifeline for those in need


“All of my therapists are trauma trained in a variety of ways. Some of them have in-depth training around EMDR, Sensory Motor Integration and other cutting edge treatment applications. These clinicians are finding very creative ways to utilize even these sophisticated therapeutic tools virtually. I would shine a light on the empirical research that has demonstrated tele-behavioral health is essentially as effective as in-person treatment. We are a true lifeline for people in this really isolated time.”

“What I'm most proud of are the therapists that are maintaining therapeutic engagement with people in treatment, who really need the support at this point. I feel like our behavioral health field is already moving into clinical outcome measurement. We're moving into evidence-based treatment modalities, and now, virtually utilizing all of that. All the things that we are putting in place in our field are working when people need it perhaps the most. So that continues to make me passionate and I find our work very, very compelling.”