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Marie Ramirez

Marie Ramirez, LCSW

Behavioral Health Surveyor, The Joint Commission


Marie Ramirez discusses how COVID-19 has affected the Hispanic community.

How cultural differences can affect communities differently during the COVID-19 pandemic


“Socializing with your friends, your compadres and comadres, is very important and a valuable emotional outlet. There is especially a deep sense of connection with one’s religion and faith, so participation in masses and services is vitally important.”

“During the quarantine, these two very important psychological and spiritual supports were greatly impacted because people where cut off from their friends, family, and faith interactions. Hispanic women typically gather for cooking, sewing and watching soap operas together. Sports and going to church are also very common social activities. Therefore, this new isolation often compounded any pre-existing medical conditions and issues with depression and anxiety.”


“Addressing the religious needs of individuals and finding ways to help them connect with their religious affiliations was at times an area missed by organizations. Connections like this can help both spiritually and emotionally because they are a source of support, strength and calming for individuals during trying times.”