COVID-19 Webinar Q&A for Home Care Accreditation (Recorded on December 10, 2020)

Q&A With The Joint Commission

This webinar, recorded on December 10, 2020 provides a live Q&A session on the following topics: CMS 1135 Waivers, Environment of Care and Life Safety, Infection Prevention and Control, General, TJC Recovery & Survey, and additional live questions.

The time codes for specific sections are provided for quick reference:

  • CMS 1135 Waivers (1:11)
  • Environment of Care and Life Safety (8:18)
  • Infection Prevention and Control Questions (9:45)
  • General Questions (53:00)
  • TJC Recovery & Survey Questions (1:06:36)
  • Additional Live Questions (1:29:10)
Video Transcript

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