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Leading the Way to Zero Harm

The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare delivers programs, products, and services that help health care organizations transform into high reliability organizations where zero harm is the norm. The Center's innovations have been used by thousands of organizations to dramatically reduce harm and save lives. 

Trusted Resources for Every Stage of Your Journey

Whether you are just starting your high reliability journey, have zero harm in sight, or are somewhere in between, the Center has resources that will accelerate your progress.

High Reliability Training
Turn to our unmatched high reliability training programs to build commitment from senior leadership or to create a culture dedicated to process improvement.

High Reliability Assessment
Oro 2.0 can help senior leaders not only understand where they stand today on the spectrum of high reliability but also provides an actionable path forward in pursuit of zero harm.

Targeted Solutions Tool
Targeted Solutions Tools can help organizations assess their specific performance barriers and guide them to evidence-based solutions that can lead to dramatic improvements in performance.

Join us for our expert-led workshops.