Patient 101: How to Find Reliable Health Information | Joint Commission
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Patient 101: How to Find Reliable Health Information

April 12, 2008

Patient 101:  How to Find Reliable Health InformationJoint Commission Resources (JCR) has published a guide to help people find reliable, trusted sources of health care information on the Internet.

Making informed health care decisions is one of the biggest challenges that patients face today.  Patient 101 empowers individuals by referencing useful sites that they can turn to for information that will help in conversations with their doctors and nurses.

The 14-page brochure includes:

  • Details on web sites that provide clinically proven, unbiased and reliable health care information ;
  • Explanations and background on each website;
  • Useful net surfing strategies for finding well-researched health information; and
  • Specific health care topics from dozens of trusted information sources.