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Disease-Specific Care

Prepublication Standards – Standards Revisions Related to Stroke Maintenance

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To provide clarity and consistency among its stroke certification programs for accredited hospitals, The Joint Commission has identified requirements in the Acute Stroke Ready, Primary Stroke Center, and Comprehensive Stroke Center certification programs that require revisions.

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Hospitals, Advanced Disease-Specific Care Certification

Facts about Joint Commission stroke certification

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The Joint Commission offers three advanced levels of certification for stroke programs in Joint Commission-accredited hospitals: Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH), Primary Stroke Center (PSC), and Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC).

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Advanced Disease-Specific Care Certification

2015 Stroke Seminar Questions and Answers

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Our 2015 Stroke Seminar was a great opportunity to learn from Joint Commission staff including Joint Commission Stroke Reviewers.

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Advanced Disease-Specific Care Certification , Disease-Specific Care

Recording and Slides from Stroke Core Measure Update: STK-4 Thrombolytic Therapy Teleconference

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November 5, 2014

Recording and Slides from Stroke Core Measure Update: STK-4 Thrombolytic Therapy Teleconference - November 5, 2014

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