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Abbreviations and Glossary

  • ADC: Average Daily Census
  • BAA: Business Associate Agreement
  • CAM: Chart-abstracted measure
  • CAH: Critical Access Hospital
  • CCN: CMS Certification Number
  • CMIP: Certification Measurement Information Process
  • CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • CQL: Clinical Quality Language
  • CY: Calendar Year
  • DDSP: Direct Data Submission Platform
  • eAPP: Electronic Application General (within an Organization’s Joint Commission Connect site)
  • eCQM: Electronic Clinical Quality Measure
  • ECR: Extenuating Circumstance Request
  • ED: Emergency Department
  • EHR: Electronic Health Record
  • EULA: End User License Agreement
  • HAP: Hospital Accreditation Program
  • HCO: Healthcare Organization
  • HIQR: Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program (CMS)
  • ORYX: Joint Commission specific Performance Measurement program
  • PC: Perinatal Care
  • PMR: Performance Measure Report
  • QRDA: Quality Reporting Data Architecture
  • TJC: The Joint Commission
  • ToS: Terms of Service