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Monday 5:31 CST, March 19, 2018

Issue Detail


Issue Details

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Aug. 24, 2016

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Performance measurement


Analysis of 2015 eCQM data submitted to The Joint Commission

Hospitals had the option in 2015 of submitting electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) data to meet their ORYX reporting requirements. There were 34 hospitals that were able to successfully transmit eCQM data to The Joint Commission based on 2015 discharges. Given that the eventual goal is for hospitals to meet most — if not all — of their ORYX reporting requirements by submitting eCQM data, a data analysis was prepared to review the results of this initial eCQM submission.




New R3 Report focuses on evidence, rationale for new eating disorders standards

​Last week, The Joint Commission released a new R3 Report on the new eating disorders standards for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. The standards, released in January 2016, were developed at the request of the field and were designed to improve the process for the care and treatment of individuals who are served by residential and outpatient eating disorders programs and who require both behavioral and physical health care, treatment, and services.




The Joint Commission awards first Community-Based Palliative Care Certification to MJHS

MJHS, a nonprofit health system in New York, is the first health care organization in the nation to receive The Joint Commission’s new Community-Based Palliative Care (CBPC) Certification, which demonstrates MJHS’s commitment to providing high quality, community-based palliative care to patients and families in their home.




AAMI Foundation hosting regional meeting on top health care technology challenges

The AAMI Foundation is hosting a two-day meeting Sept. 27-28 in Chicago on some of the top health care technology challenges. The speakers at the event are set to share the successes they have seen in improving patient safety in the areas of monitoring patients on opioids, alarm management, and infusion therapy safety.


Webinar replay: SOC process changes effective Aug. 1

The Joint Commission recently held a webinar on the Statement of Conditions™ (SOC™) process changes that became effective Aug. 1. The changes affect the survey for the Life Safety (LS) chapter requirement, and the objective of the webinar was to help organizations understand the new SOC™ process.