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Friday 7:16 CST, April 20, 2018

Issue Detail


Issue Details

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BHC News - Issue 3, 2017

BHC News is published by The Joint Commission’s Department of Communications.


Accreditation and Certification


Phase 2 revisions for BHC accreditation manual effective January 2018

The Behavioral Health Care Accreditation manual is now up-to-date following completion of Phase 2 of The Joint Commission’s standards review project. A number of standards required maintenance — such as clarifications to existing language, new elements of performance (EPs), and revisions to notes.


New standard CTS.04.03.20 does not preclude organizations from using peer support specialists

As part of its Phase 2 revisions, The Joint Commission is adding a new standard — Care, Treatment, and Services (CTS) 04.03.20 — to its Behavioral Health Care (BHC) Accreditation manual. The standard, which will become effective Jan. 1, 2018, addresses the supervision of individuals served and applies to organizations providing inpatient crisis stabilization.


Redesigned ESC form launched for all programs

The Evidence of Standards Compliance (ESC) form has been redesigned to help organizations focus on describing the critical aspects of corrective actions they have taken to resolve Requirements for Improvement (RFIs) and ensure sustainability of those actions.


Tips and benefits to keeping accreditation current and paying promptly

Receiving and maintaining accreditation from The Joint Commission is an important achievement for any behavioral health care (BHC) organization.


Safety culture and high reliability


New video: Joint Commission president explains how safety culture can protect patients

Mark R. Chassin, MD, FACP, MPP, MPH, president and chief executive officer of The Joint Commission, explains in a new video how years of survey and patient safety experiences led The Joint Commission to conclude that a strong safety culture can eliminate a wide variety of patient safety risks.




One click away: Searchable list of measurement-based BHC tools now available

A searchable list of measurement-based care tools for behavioral health care is now available on The Joint Commission’s website, which can be accessed directly with no login needed.


BHC Conference: Keynote speaker Mackenzie Phillips shares experience, new role as counselor

Those planning to attend The Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care Conference will learn about the latest buzz and emerging topics in accreditation, and will hear from keynote speaker Mackenzie Phillips, who will share stories of her own battles with substance abuse and her new role as a counselor at Breathe Life Healing Centers in West Hollywood, California.


Upcoming behavioral health care webinars

Accredited behavioral health care organizations and organizations planning to become Joint Commission accredited may be interested in attending one or all of the following upcoming one-hour webinars.