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Accreditation and Certification

January 04, 2017

New for 2017: SAFER™ Matrix Tool and user guide available following first SAFER™ survey

Beginning this month, the new Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk™ (SAFER™) Matrix Tool and a user guide will be available to accredited and certified organizations following their first SAFER™ survey or review. The guide details how to use the tool to filter Requirements for Improvement (RFIs) that are documented during SAFER surveys or reviews. The tool and user guide are available on an organization’s Joint Commission Connect™ site (see instructions below for locating the tool and guide).

The SAFER Matrix is a transformative approach for identifying and communicating risk levels associated with deficiencies cited during surveys and reviews. The tool allows for dynamic interaction with the survey or review information. The filters allow specified portions of the report to be saved and shared to appropriate individuals throughout the post-survey process, and it allows organizations to customize and package the survey report in ways that are most useful based on their unique needs.

The user guide includes information on how to:

  • Apply filters
  • Navigate between different accreditation programs
  • Select a different survey or review event to view
  • Navigate between accreditation and certification

How to find the SAFER Matrix Tool and user guide: Once on Connect, click on the “Survey Process” tab on the horizontal navigation bar, and then click on “Post-Survey.” Under the “Post-Survey” options, click on the “Accreditation SAFER™ Matrix” link (see below). The user will then see a series of links to SAFER resource documents, including the user guide, in the left-hand rail.







Learn more about the SAFER Matrix. (Contact:

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