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Friday 7:19 CST, April 20, 2018


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Accreditation and Certification

July 12, 2017

Get ready for 2018: Check out revisions for Medication Management standards

JC_Online_July_12Revisions to Medication Management (MM) standards for all applicable Joint Commission-accredited programs will become effective Jan. 1, 2018. These revisions assure that the MM standards continue to reflect evidence-based practices and quality and safety issues that have emerged from the field in recent years. 
Revised and new standards and elements of performance for all accreditation programs include:
  • Implementing a policy to provide emergency backup for essential medication dispensing equipment identified by the organization.
  • Adding “wasting” of medications to the required written policy addressing the control of medication between receipt by an individual health care provider and administration of the medication.
  • Implementing a policy that describes the types of medication overrides that will be reviewed for appropriateness and the frequency of the reviews when automatic dispensing cabinets (ADCs) are used.
  • Recording the date and time of any medication administered in the patient’s clinical record.
Additional revised and new standards apply to specific accreditation programs. View the prepublication standards.
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