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Thursday 3:35 CST, January 18, 2018

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Facts about ORYX vendors

February 16, 2017

The Joint Commission defines an ORYX vendor as an entity that has:

  • Processes for collecting and analyzing measure data from multiple organizations, as well as disseminating the results of analysis to its client base
  • An automated database that can be used to facilitate performance improvement in health care organizations
  • The ability to generate both internal comparisons of each participating organization’s performance over time and external comparisons of performance among participating organizations
  • The ability to transmit data for a specified time period

The use of performance measures – quantitative measures used to evaluate and improve outcomes or the performance of functions and processes – are essential to the credibility of any modern evaluation activity for health care organizations. The Joint Commission’s ORYX initiative incorporates the reporting on performance measure data into its accreditation and certification processes, and is intended to support Joint Commission-accredited and -certified organizations in their quality improvement efforts. ORYX chart-based data are publicly reported on The Joint Commission website at www.qualitycheck.org. The public availability of performance measure data permits user comparisons of hospital performance on individual measures at the state and national levels.

ORYX vendor evaluation
An ORYX vendor must meet all current criteria to be included on The Joint Commission’s ORYX vendor list. The current criteria incorporate five broad attributes for listed vendors, including:

  • Performance measure characteristics
  • Data collection and receipt
  • Data quality
  • Risk adjustment
  • Technical reporting requirements

Hospitals select a vendor that best meets their overall measurement needs from The Joint Commission’s ORYX chart-based vendor list or electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) vendor list. As outlined in the ORYX requirements, some organizations seeking accreditation are expected to participate with at least one of these vendors. Specifically, these health care organizations submit their chart-based measure data by way of their selected vendor(s) each quarter to The Joint Commission, which in turn uses these data in the survey,accreditation, and certification processes. Beginning in 2017, hospitals will have two options for reporting eCQM data to The Joint Commission:

  • Through a Joint Commission-listed eCQM vendor that supports eCQM data collection and reporting
  • Through a secure extranet connection that allows hospitals to directly submit their 2017 QRDA Category 1 files

See Facts About ORYX for Hospitals for more information. Note: No vendor can be used to meet accreditation and certification requirements until they have signed a contract with The Joint Commission.

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