Video: 2018 Pioneers in Quality Learnings from 2016 eCQM Results Exceptions and Exclusions

In the first Pioneers in Quality™ webinar in 2018, “2018 Pioneers in Quality: Learnings from 2016 eCQM Results, Exceptions and Exclusions,” The Joint Commission shared insights regarding the 2016 electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) data received and analyzed.

Attendees learned how to interpret and understand results from the calendar year (CY) 2016 eCQM data, as well as what was discovered when analyzing the national-level aggregate data. Watch this replay now to identify the most common reasons for exceptions and exclusions in the CY 2017 eCQM data submission, and apply lessons learned to understand your CY 2017 eCQM results and inform your CY 2018 eCQM data preparation.

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