Eligibility For Health Care Staffing Services Certification | Joint Commission
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Friday 12:17 CST, March 23, 2018

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Eligibility For Health Care Staffing Services Certification

January 14, 2008

Health care staffing firms are eligible for Joint Commission certification if they:

  • Place temporary clinical staff in other organizations that direct or provide direct patient care.  This includes disciplines such as physicians, RNs, LPN/LVNs, nursing assistants, pharmacy personnel, radiology technicians, surgical assistants, respiratory therapists, laboratory staff, etc.  These settings include health care organizations, schools, occupational and community settings, etc.
  • Place temporary clinical staff under the direct supervision of another organization's personnel.
  • Collect and present four months of data for each of the three standardized performance measures by time of onsite review.
  • Place at least 10 clinical staff by the time of onsite review.

Types of Programs NOT Eligible for Certification

  • Permanent placement firms that do not provide temporary staffing services
  • Internal organization registry or “pool” programs 
  • Contracted services for management of functions within existing organizations such as emergency department management, pharmacy management, and housekeeping management services
  • Non-clinical staff (e.g. housekeeping, medical records or coders, home companions)
  • Individual employees