Community-Based Palliative Care Certification Option for Home Health & Hospice Launches July 1, 2016. Standards Available Now! | Joint Commission
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Tuesday 2:53 CST, March 20, 2018

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Community-Based Palliative Care Certification Option for Home Health & Hospice. Standards Available Now!

March 27, 2017

Community-Based Palliative Care (CBPC) Certification will recognize home health and hospice organizations that provide top caliber, community-based palliative care to patients and families in their home (primary place of residence). Certification is awarded for a three-year period.

Currently accredited providers can add the certification option at their upcoming resurvey or intracycle. Providers not yet accredited can pursue certification at the time of their initial accreditation survey. 

To be eligible, home health or hospice providers need to have:

  • Delivered CBPC services to patient's in the home (defined as their primary place of residence)
  • Served 5 palliative care patients in their home anytime within the previous twelve months
  • Have 3 patients actively receiving palliative care services at the time of their on-site survey
  • Provide CBPC services 24/7, with on-call services as needed.
  • Use clinical practice guidelines to deliver care

Examples of organizations ineligible for CBPC certification:

  • An organization licensed as a Skilled Nursing Facility or Assisted Living Facility which provides Community Based Palliative Care services.
  • A Community Based Palliative Care Clinic whereas the Clinic is the primary location of service

Five ways to learn more:

  1. View customer story 

  2. Listen to a recent Webinar Replay
  3. Request access to the standards
    • If you are new to accreditation, you can request a free, 90-day trial of the standards

    • If you are currently accredited by The Joint Commission, the Standards can also be found in the E-dition which you can access through your Joint Commission Connect extranet site. It is found in the Accreditation Process Info Section following the Early Survey Process Chapter. The Standards are, also, incorporated into the relevant standards throughout E-dition within the Home Care Standards.

  4. Listen to a 10 minute podcast.
    Take 5: Palliative Care Certification - Meeting the Needs of Chronically Ill Patients
  5. Call our Business Development team at 630-792-5070.

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