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Monday 7:55 CST, May 21, 2018

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Children's Asthma Care

June 17, 2016

In 2003, The Joint Commission launched project activities to examine Children’s Asthma performance measures for inclusion in the ORYX® performance measurement initiative. This work was conducted in collaboration with national children’s health care organizations, particularly, the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI), Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA), and Medical Management Planning, Inc. (MMP).

An advisory panel was convened to advise project activities including recommendations for measures for further development and testing. This resulted in the identification of a set of candidate measures addressing aspects of children's asthma care (CAC) in the hospital setting.

Three CAC measures were introduced for implementation effective April 1, 2007. Data collection for the measure set began with April 2007 discharges. CAC-3 was initially implemented as a test measure pending National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsement.   CAC-3 was subsequently implemented as a production measure effective with July 1, 2008 discharges.

The CAC measures can be found in the Specification Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures. Submit your questions about CAC measure specifications to the Performance Measurement Network Q&A Forum.

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