Accreditation for Florida Nursing Homes | Joint Commission
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Sunday 10:55 CST, May 20, 2018

Accreditation for Florida Nursing Homes


Florida is changing the structure of Medicaid reimbursement for nursing homes. Medicaid payments for nursing facility services will be converted from a cost-based reimbursement model to a prospective payment system (PPS) to better balance the financial incentive for high quality care with increased efficiency.

How are Nursing Homes Affected?

Under this new PPS system, nursing homes have the opportunity to boost reimbursement and care by accumulating “points” in key quality categories. One of these key categories is a “quality credential.” The Joint Commission’s Nursing Care Center accreditation is one of the credentials recognized under the new plan.

With The Joint Commission as your quality option you can achieve accreditation within 12 months and meet the first deadline to qualify for the quality credential under the new system

How Joint Commission Accreditation Can Help Position You For Success

A recent study published in JAMDA shows Joint Commission-accredited nursing homes outperform non-accredited nursing homes on key quality measures that can now add up to sizeable reimbursement gains in several PPS categories under the new plan. Download Study

Research shows Joint Commission-accredited nursing homes perform better on 8 of 13 quality measures – View Infographic below




Achieving Joint Commission Accreditation Can Make Significant Continuing Impact for Your Organization Including:

  • Helps establish policies and procedures to meet and exceed CMS standards
  • Minimize risk for costly fines and payment denials
  • Creates operational efficiency and standardization
  • Helps prepare your organization to successfully participate in value-based contracting relationships
  • Recognized by industry insurance panels as a condition of network participation
  • Discounts from various liability insurers
  • Preferred by accredited hospitals as gold standard in patient care

If your organization is looking for a way to enhance its overall performance, establish the highest industry standards for quality assurance and process improvement and boost its bottom line under the new Florida PPS system – let’s get you started immediately!