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Tuesday 6:54 CST, March 20, 2018

Performance Measurement for Health Care Staffing Services


 HCSS Performance Measurement Implementation Guide - 2nd Edition

Performance Measurement and Improvement

The performance measurement standards for Health Care Staffing Services (HCSS) focus on the following:

  • Using information garnered from measurement data to improve or validate HCSS services

  • Using comparative data to evaluate processes and outcomes

  • Evaluating the clients’ perception of quality of service

  • Using client-specific, service-related data

  • Implementing an organized comprehensive approach to performance improvement

Performance Measurement Requirements

A set of three standardized performance measures are utilized for HCSS certification.  The following measures are included in the HCSS set:

  • HCSS-1: Do Not Return – Clinical

  • HCSS-2: Do Not Return – Professional

  • HCSS-3: Completeness of Personnel File

Standardized sets of performance measures are identified by The Joint Commission and external performance measurement experts.  In January, 2008, the HCSS standardized measures were implemented and uniformly adopted by all certified HCSS firms, as well as firms seeking initial HCSS certification, following extensive pilot testing in the field.

Standardized measures have precisely defined specifications, data collection and data submission protocols.  The complete compendium of HCSS measure specifications is detailed in The HCSS Performance Measurement Implementation Guide, 2nd Edition.  

Data Submission

Quarterly data submission is required for standardized measures.  Monthly data points for each of the three HCSS measures should be submitted to The Joint Commission via the firms’ secure-extranet site no later than 45 days following the end of the calendar quarter.