Guidelines For Publicizing Certification | Joint Commission
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Sunday 9:44 CST, December 17, 2017

Guidelines For Publicizing Certification



The following communication guidelines have been developed to help your organization appropriately announce its accreditation and/or certification from The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission requires that an accredited or certified program or organization accurately describe the nature and meaning of its accreditation and/or certification. Any program or organization that materially misleads the public about any matter relating to its accreditation or certification may have to undertake appropriate corrective advertising or risk loss of accreditation and/or certification.

  • If your program or organization has sites or offers services that are not accredited or certified, any reference to accreditation or certification must clearly specify which sites/services are accredited and/or certified.

  • Accreditation and/or certification does not “endorse” a program or organization’s quality of care, nor does it “prove,” “assure” or “testify” that a program or organization provides quality care. Accreditation and certification demonstrate a commitment to excellence in providing services.

  • Accurately state the accreditation or certification received from The Joint Commission:

    • Your organization may say that its program or the organization is the “first” program or organization in a city, state, and/or country to receive accreditation or certification. Before using this language, you must get written approval from The Joint Commission Department of Corporate Marketing, which will verify your status. Email verification requests to

    • Your organization may not say that its program or the organization is the “only” program or organization in a city, county, state, country, or any other geographic area to receive accreditation or certification. To do so may not be true and can be misleading.

  • Your organization is not permitted to publicize its accreditation or certification decision until the decision is posted to your secure extranet site. If you are unsure about the status of a decision, contact your organization’s account executive at 630.792.3007.

Collaborative Certification

  • If your organization has achieved Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers, Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Centers and/or Advanced Certification in Heart Failure, there are special guidelines for using The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart Check marks. The communication guidelines for promoting these programs are located on your organization’s secure Joint Commission Connect extranet site. Please note that you may need to obtain the required login information from your organization’s Joint Commission Connect Security Administrator.